What to do on a Rainy Day [These Kids are Climbing the Walls]

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It’s a rare Saturday that I am not running around from activity to activity with the kids.  Take a look at their activities:

My son:

  • Baseball
  • Piano

My daughter:

  • Gymnastics
  • Dance

They both take Karate.

Isaiah at Karate

This is actually a slower summer for them.  In the past, we also had other activities.  Of course, there are their friends birthday parties.  Yes they happen all year round but they seem to happen more in the summer

So Saturdays can be very busy, and I am usually more exhausted after a Saturday than I am during the week.  This particular Saturday though….

My son’s piano lesson was canceled because his teacher is going to a Yankee game (I would have canceled too).  There was supposed to be an awards banquet for baseball (my team finished in second place, and more importantly we had a blast) but it’s pouring….again.  There’s no gymnastics for my daughter over the summer (that won’t last but because she’s 4 this year they take a break), and we usually don’t go to karate on Saturdays though we could.

Seriously, this Connecticut Summer this year can be described in one word.  WET.

I have time to myself. And they let me sleep til 7:30 am.  WHAT?

Right now they’re running back and forth on the front porch, the only place outside our house that is covered.  They are very active children by nature.  I am OK with this but sometimes it can be annoying.

What to Do?

There’s always Skyzone.  I’m sure it’s packed today.  I could go to a movie.  My daughter is terrible at the movie theater.  She almost always has to go to the bathroom at the most critical point in the movie.  She did this when we went to see Hotel Transylvania a couple weeks ago, right at the moment when the EDM started.  Wait, I mean, I wasn’t paying attention to the movie.

They put a bouncy castle place in the local mall.  I loathe the mall.

Board Games, Video Games and some general roof-raising sounds like a plan.

One of our favorite family games is Monopoly.  Get it here>>>

One thing I am trying to instill in my kids is it’s OK to be bored.  It’s OK to be creative with things to do.  There are a lot of parents who would just plop their kids in front of the TV or give them an iPad just so their kids leave them alone.

We do allow our kids to use iPads but there is a very strict time limit.  On non-school days it’s two hours.  On school days my son is allowed to use it on the bus ride (he has a long bus ride to school).

They will get their two hours and that’s it.  At the time I write this sentence they have not had them yet.  They have played with toys or run back and forth on the front porch.

This blog post has taken me over 3 hours to put together because while doing this I also worked with my 4-year-old daughter on sight words.   Did I mention she is very strong-willed?

So I will let them be bored for a while.  I am sure I will hear “I’m bored” multiple times today. Maybe I will get a wall knocked down today instead.

I know I won’t be bored though sometimes I wish I was.  I feel a nerf war coming on.  The nerf war might include lightsabers and powerbombs into the couch cushions.

Can’t beat the Nerf Rival for a good ole fashion Nerf War.  Check it out>>>

Where was I?  Oh, yeah.  It’s OK for your kids to be bored sometimes.  I believe kids can be overstimulated more than an adult.  Letting them veg out on an iPad or TV is not good for them.

They need exercise (definitely not an issue for my kids).  They need to think creatively.  They need to learn that 12-14 hours of being entertained is not going to happen.

Rain, Rain, Go Away