The Truth About Apple Cider Vinegar [Will You Lose Weight?]

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The Dad Tax Honest Review of Apple Cider Vinegar [Does it Help You Lose Weight?]

Let me start by saying I am not a doctor and I do not work in the medical field.  In fact, I have very little medical knowledge beyond my own experiences.

I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar for a couple of years now.  I originally started taking it because I was told it would help me to lose weight.

I see blog posts and claims all over the internet about people having lost weight using Apple Cider Vinegar.  I have heard about the numerous health benefits to using it as well.

Since I have been using it for over two years now I thought I would shed some light on what it does and does not do.

First, let me tell you how I use Apple Cider Vinegar.

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I started by drinking 1 tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar with 8 ounces of water before every meal.  Be warned, it is not at all easy to drink.

I am used to doing this now, so the taste does not really do anything to me anymore.

I still take 1 tablespoon with 8 ounces of water before lunch and dinner, but I changed up the pre-breakfast intake a little.

Before breakfast, I now take 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and 2 tablespoons of lemon in 8 ounces of water.  If you want to understand why keep reading.

Does It Help with Weight Loss?

This claim is probably the biggest one I have seen and heard.  I have read numerous blog posts that made this claim.  I have heard it from other people.  So, let’s talk about the elephant in the room.

What a lot of people fail to note is that it helps with weight loss IF you do the other things that help with weight loss.  If you’re working out 3-4 times a week and eating right, you will lose weight.  You don’t need Apple Cider Vinegar for that.

Drinking Apple Cider Vinegar before a meal does make some people feel nauseous.  Feeling nauseous will make you less likely to eat.  If you eat less because you’re nauseous you will lose weight.

I did not lose weight simply by drinking Apple Cider Vinegar before meals.  I had to do the other things too.  It did not make me nauseous so that effect did not work for me.

I would not take Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss if that is your sole intention, and you do not plan to take other steps towards weight loss.  It’s not going to have the effect you hoped for.  And depending on your tolerance for sour tasting foods you may not be able to stomach it.

If you make it part of your overall health and wellness plan then, by all means, go for it.

Does It Help with Overall Health?

After taking Apple Cider Vinegar for a few months I learned from a friend of mine that Apple Cider Vinegar raises your body’s pH.

Wait? What?  I am not a swimming pool.

Well, you kind of are.  Your body is 75% water.  Having the right pH balance in a pool helps prevent algae and other pool water problems.

Your body has the same effect when your pH levels are at an optimal level.  Having a good pH level helps fight off disease and some sickness.

In the 4 years that I have included Apple Cider Vinegar as part of my health regimen, I have only been sick once.  Considering that I have two young children that have been in preschool this is quite an accomplishment.

The first two years of your child going to a public school are a nightmare for colds and other health issues.  Isaiah’s first year of pre-k was especially tough.  He came home with something new almost weekly.

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I recently (within the last few months) started taking 2 tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar with 2 tablespoons of lemon before breakfast.  This is to help raise my alkaline even more.

It’s not easy to take so some people add honey and cinnamon (each with their own health benefits).  I do not.  It takes too long for my short attention span and in my opinion, is even harder to take with the honey and cinnamon.

Any Other Benefits of using Apple Cider Vinegar?

I recently read that it helps with skin tag removal.  For this, to work you have to apply it to the area of the skin tag for one week.

I have not tried this yet but plan to.  I will update this blog post when I do.

There is an alternative to Apple Cider Vinegar in liquid form if it’s too much for you to handle.

You can get Apple Cider Vinegar in capsule form.  I have tried this before.  There’s no taste to it and I don’t really have a reason for not continuing with it except that I feel like if I taste it then it is having more of an effect on me.

This is the brand I tried but there are numerous brands available on Amazon.

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There’s No Miracle Pill for Weight Loss

I need to lose weight.  I could afford about 30 pounds right now.  There is no magic pill for weight loss.  If there was there would be no overweight people.

Apple Cider Vinegar is not going to help you lose weight by itself.  The tried and true exercise and eating right is what will help you lose weight.

That’s not to say that Apple Cider Vinegar does not have health benefits.  As you just read it absolutely does.

I have only been sick beyond sniffles once in 4 years.  I am someone who has experienced chronic bronchitis and other respiratory issues in the past.

For that reason alone, I continue to take it and add lemon to my morning routine.

Let me know if you use Apple Cider Vinegar for anything.

The truth about apple cider vinegar for weight loss





27 replies
  1. Olga Zak
    Olga Zak says:

    Reducing weight is what all are looking for. Me too had read many articles on apple cidar vinegar and its ability to reduce weight. The truth is I never tried it.

  2. Kam Balitaan
    Kam Balitaan says:

    I, too have been incorporating apple cider in my diet. Mixing two table spoons in a glass of water every morning on an empty stomach. Haven’t been sickly too lately.

  3. Dalene Ekirapa
    Dalene Ekirapa says:

    This is just what I needed to hear!I’m thinking about including ACV in my routine as well but since I’m skinny, I wondered how slimmer I’d get lol!Oops! But at least you’ve clarified my doubts…I’ll just include anyway.

  4. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    I love that you say there is no miracle pill to weight loss. So many people expect it to be magic and happen overnight. I have been on my own weight loss journey and am halfway to my goal at 4 months. The time has been worth it though!

  5. Laurie Gannon
    Laurie Gannon says:

    I haven’t tried Apple Cider Vinegar as part of my health routine mostly due to the smell. However, I have tried lemon in warm water first thing in the morning. The taste isn’t so bad and I swear I feel better when I make that a part of my morning.

    I need to make warm lemon water a part of my morning again. 🙂

  6. Karen
    Karen says:

    I’ve used apple cider vinegar in my diet.. My mom introduced me to it. Interesting to read more about it’s benefits.

  7. Nessy
    Nessy says:

    I’ve tried taking ACV in the past. And I agree that it does help with one’s immune system. But I was advised by my doctor to tone it down because it could potentially ruin my stomach lining.

  8. kumamonjeng
    kumamonjeng says:

    About 10 years ago my colleagues are all drinking Apply cider vinegar for losing weight and cleasing. I too tried it before and found it very refeshing. Glad you have share so many ways to use it and I would love to try the capsules form.

  9. May C
    May C says:

    I don’t understand why people would think just taking Apple Cider Vinegar would help them lose weight. I’m always perplexed by the latest trend in weight loss that everyone is just swearing works wonders for them. To me, the best way to lose weight is proper diet and exercise – the classics.

    • sgombar
      sgombar says:

      I was kind of hoping someone would share one with me after I posted this. Oh well…I got back on the treadmill today so we will go that route.

  10. Sigrid Says
    Sigrid Says says:

    If I remember correctly, I think my weight was maintained while I was taking apple cider, even if I over ate. But I remember also drinking alkaline water at this time. I am considering doing these things again.

  11. Blair Villanueva
    Blair Villanueva says:

    Am not sure if apple cider truly helps me for weight loss, but it helps my digestion and cleans my tummy. And I like the experience.

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