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The Side Hustles Episode

Inflation is at its highest level ever. Gas prices are also higher than ever before. The cost of food and other items needed in your home has gotten expensive.  Our dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to today.

What’s a dad to do?

In Episode 2 we talk about side hustles. How can you make a few extra dollars every week with minimal impact on your family time and home life?

I talk about a few of my side hustles as well as some other popular options like Uber Eats.

I do some affiliate marketing, domain flipping, and purchase dividend-paying stocks.

What other side hustles would you add?

Here is the microphone I mentioned in the podcast – ATR2100x Microphone Kit

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When I was about 10 years old, I had a paper route. Now, you can’t do that these days, there’s not allowed anymore. But when I was 10, it was actually encouraged for my age group to have a paper. So I’d get on my bike, I’d go to the neighboring apartment community. And I delivered papers to I don’t know how many people’s, how many people but it was a significant number of few dozen. And I would also have to go and collect the payment for those papers every week in some paid some didn’t. Although, I guess I had a collections job at the tender age of 10. And then the Sunday papers, the Sunday papers used to be massive and heavy, and you’d have to put them together, they would just drop off a pile, you’d put them together and you deliver. It was a tough job for a 10 year old, but I did it and then did this job for months until somebody smashed out the windows and one of the buildings that I delivered to, and they blamed a 10 year old paperboy the paper fired me. I couldn’t clicked on employment because I was only 10. And I didn’t work again until I was 16. I had to find other ways to make money. In the meantime, my family didn’t have a lot of money. I did things like sell baseball cards, run errands for people, and so forth until I was 16 and got my first real job where I paid taxes and worked for 30 to 40 hours a week while I was in high school. Can’t do that these days, you got to find different ways to make money as a kid, if at all allowance maybe. But it’s an interesting conundrum. How do you make extra money at a time when single income just isn’t cutting it? Welcome to the dad tax podcast, a podcast for dads by dads a podcast for all things, dads, including mental health, fatherhood, challenges, relationships, sports, business, grilling, and more. So put on your white new balances, sit back in your reclining chair. And let’s talk dads. All right. All right. All right. It’s episode two of the debt tax podcast. I know you didn’t think we’d make it to episode two. But here we are, we’re recording it. And last week was pretty heavy podcasts talked a lot about men’s mental health and the things going on in the United States. And in some cases around the world. And how men are dealing with it, dads are dealing with it. You know, the focus here is dads. So we’re going to talk about something a little bit later sort of today. And it’s because we have high inflation, gas prices are through the roof and cost of just about everything has gone up tremendously. The topic of today’s podcast is the side hustle, what do we do to make a few extra dollars to try to survive in this economy? I know not everybody needs to do that. But most of us do. Most of us want to find extra streams of income. And they say if you want to become an you know, I’m gonna probably butcher this. But if you want to become a billion a millionaire, sorry, you need to have seven sources of income. And so obviously, we can have seven jobs, that would be insane. So I know people that do two or three jobs. And that’s a lot to manage, especially when you have young kids at home. And I know there are dads that were two jobs while the wife stays at home or there are stay at home dads, and we’ll do a podcast about stay at home dads. In the future. I’m kind of a stay at home dad. And then I’ll explain all that in that podcast in the future. I own a business, but I also have some other sources of income. So the question then is what could be a successful side hustle? What type of thing can I do to possibly earn a few extra dollars during the week to support my family better to put extra gas in a car, you know, maybe take your kids in the family out somewhere someday, or go on a vacation or have a better Christmas or whatever holidays you celebrate.

So all of these things come up throughout the year birthdays, birthdays, anniversaries, all of that comes up throughout the year. What can we do to earn a few dollars so that I’m able to provide better life we’ll say, again, I don’t want I don’t want the sentiment to be that you have to have all this money to have a great life. That’s not true. But things are a little easier when you have a little extra income coming in. And then the second part of the question is how do I have that second or third income without killing myself without having to physically you know, a lot of times those part time jobs are a little more physically meaning in the past, I worked at a FedEx warehouse FedEx facility, not aware also hub part time. And my shift was I think it was two to 7am. And that was after work in a second a full time second shift job. And that job, I hated that job. It was the single worst job I’ve ever had. And I’ve had some pretty tough jobs. I’ve worked in fast food for a while. I’ve worked retail before. I’ve worked other warehouse jobs, that I could not stand that FedEx job, and I quit within three or four months, it was just too much couldn’t couldn’t do it wasn’t sleeping much in the job, but just was miserable the whole time I was there and I probably had one of the easier jobs on the in the facility. I was quality control. So if I saw damaged packages, I put them to the side, fix them, if I could relabeled them whatever I had to do. But I hated it so much, I would actually get on the trucks and help them unload the trucks just so I could get out of there earlier. And I don’t know, maybe it was because it was a second job, I don’t really know. However, after that I got a second job, part time job in computer repair. The pay was less, but I liked the job. It was also in the morning, before I went to my second shift job. I liked that job. I did not stay there long, either. For various reasons. I moved on, and started my own business eventually. But those jobs were to supplement my income. That’s why they were there. I was on a probationary period at my full time job. And so those jobs were there to supplement my income. I’ve worked retail I worked at Old Navy for a few months and did not like that job. I was the only I think the only male there. What made it worse is I was probably late 20s, early 30s At the time, and it was all college age girls. And I know what your dad’s thinking, No, I did not enjoy it. It’s not fun. It was extremely boring. Still, FedEx is still my least favorite job of all time. So I didn’t last there alone either. And so the common thread there is those jobs, while maybe mentally are not that exhausting, physically, they’re exhausting. And usually that’s what happens when you have a second job, it’s usually not something you’d like to do, some of us get lucky and we can I get a job that we’d like to do part time job that we’d like to do. So in the case of the computer system. To computer job, computer, it was mostly computer repair job. And I was mostly fixing Apple, which was great, because I wasn’t that familiar with apple at the time. Now my company, we do support Apple computers, because I am familiar with it. So to that, in that respect, it was helpful. But all these jobs, the common thread, again, they were physically demanding. And you know, after working eight plus hours every day at another job, didn’t didn’t want to do it. The other job was a call center job, not physically demanding, except that you are sitting all day that can be that can be very bad for your health. But it was mentally exhausting. And so maybe combine the two and you have a problem. So so how can you make money without killing yourself? How can you do that? What is the what are side hustles that will work. So I know some people do some network marketing, or you might hear it referred to as pyramid schemes. Some companies are a little more respectful than others. And I did do Beachbody before so that was Shakeology, you may be familiar with it, and p90x and things like that. They didn’t really have much success with it. Not much of a salesperson, I guess. So that’s another thing. Do you know, some of us are not good at sales. So we don’t want to do that. But network marketing could work if you’re good at sales. If you really work if you’re good at sales. I know someone who does network marketing for a wine clean wine company, I forget the name of the company now.

They do quite well. I know people that do it for Send Out Cards. And I actually did sign up for Send Out Cards for a little while. And they do quite well. I didn’t do well with it. And again, it’s probably because I didn’t have my heart in it. So I found a few things that I’ve that I have interested in and have relative some success with. The first one is affiliate marketing. So how does that work? You create links. You sign up for programs. Let’s start with that you sign up for a program so I’m going to use Google Adsense as the one I one of the ones that I use. And I use AdSense because I don’t have to pay can choose what I want to put on the on the website or what I want to send. And it’s mostly on websites, I don’t have to pick and choose, I just put the code in the website and it automatically generates the ads. And that’s what affiliate marketing is that you’re putting links on a website, or depending on what the program is, you might be sending links to people. Amazon has a common one doesn’t pay as well as others, but it is an easier one to manage. And I do do Amazon affiliate marketing. So I’ll get to that in a moment. So the AdSense is really as you go, you sign up, if you have a website that you have out there. You sign up, you and you create, they approve you based on your website. content, so you can’t have like a spammy website, it’s got to be a real website. So it could be a blog, you could be writing about something. And some blogging could be another source of income. If your blog and your social media becomes popular, then you become a, an influencer, you may actually get paid to advertise certain products on you know, lately, it’s Tik Tok, or Instagram reels and things like that. That’s a way to make some income. You have to have some time to do that blogging is not an easy job. You could potentially do tick tock and take off depending on your content. I know there’s there’s a tick tock I follow. It’s just him and his his his dog Doberman Pinscher dog, and he’s doing quite well, he’s doing great with it. You have to raise the dog, though you have to home train the dog, you have to train the dog to do the things that he does. And you have to have the time to do it. So yes, it still can be exhausting. But if you enjoy doing it, as this person obviously does, then you can make some money with it. So the back to the affiliate marketing, or the in this case to AdSense for now. So he put the code on your website in key spots. So you know, you read 1000 1000 word blog, you put it in a couple spots during the blog, somebody clicks on it. And I’ve had some success with that, you know, a few $100 a year. I probably make from that. And the other one, the other two things I’m doing. I mentioned already Amazon affiliate marketing that I’ve had more success with. And the reason I’m more successful that is I do reviews of certain products, put the links back to those products for Amazon, you have to sign up for the affiliate program, you put the links in, and people come to your blog and click on those links. But even better than that is if somebody I always get asked, you know, what’s a good computer or what’s a good microphone I use, I have this microphone. This microphone. I love this microphone, I actually went and I’ll put a link to it in the podcast notes. But it’s a an ATR 2100, I broke the first one I had somebody gave it to me as a gift. I went and bought another one, even though there’s newer mics out there now for about the same price. I bought another ATR 220 100 Because I’m sorry, ATR 2100. Because I enjoy that microphone. I think it sounds good. And I like using it. I’ve had other microphones and they sound like garbage. So I’ll put a link, of course, it’ll be my Amazon affiliate link. So you know, go click on it and help me earn a few more dollars. But people ask me for recommendations, so I’ll send them to Amazon links and networks, that works great. I’ve made more money in Amazon in one month than I’ve done in ants, AdSense all year. So that’s another way to go. And Amazon almost always has what people are looking for. So somebody says, hey, I need a laptop. I do work with distributors, I go to the distributor, and there’s a wait for laptops. So I’ll go to Amazon and say, Well, here’s the laptop and you can get, you know, in a couple days. Here’s the link. I made more money in Amazon in the month of April, I think than I did on AdSense or last year. So that’s another good way to make money. Now the third way this is a little bit just some might say controversial, I don’t think it is, but some might think it is.

And that is domain flipping. I take domains, I look for domains. So I’m going to talk about the most recent one I sold. I had a rival dad’s dot com. And then I don’t remember where if I found that and I did initially plan on using it. And I changed my mind and decided I wasn’t going to use it. Because I just don’t have the time I have I don’t know of my own sites is probably half a dozen up that I have to manage. Including the dad tax I have to manage it. It takes time it takes you know, just the maintenance of the website takes time. So factor all of that in if you’re going to do website if you’re going to do any affiliate marketing, you need to have time to manage the website content. Not all of my websites do affiliate marketing, the dad tax does and there’s another affiliate A review site that I use. Anyway, so you buy a domain, like I said, I bought rival dad’s dot com, I initially was going to use it, I changed my mind you, here’s the trick, you have to find something that you think could be high value. Like rival, I said, Well, that’s pretty cool domain name is two words. And it’s got its, you know, you see posts all the time, if you’re in dad forums, that dad, Facebook groups, or whatever, you see people talking about rival dads all the time. So, so cool, I’ll buy that domain. And initially, I had planned on doing something around, you know, Yankees versus Red Sox, or Green Bay versus Chicago or stuff like that. And I was that was going, that was a podcast idea. And I was going to do that. And I changed my mind, just don’t have the time. And so I sold. So I bought the domain originally for $12 Sold it for 600. And this is domain flipping. So I probably have about a dozen or so domains right now, all valued at around somewhere between 750 and 2000, I think the highest one is 2000. That’s the value that the appraisal that was put on it. So I still I’m working on selling all of them. So you have to the trick is to find a domain that you think could be a value. And then flipping it. So you buy it for $12, which is about average price for I usually only stick But you could go through dozens and dozens of domain extensions. Now top level domains are called so dotnet is is the most popular, those were some of the more some of the original ones. Now there are dozens and dozens and dozens of them that are out there. And so you find when it’s high value, usually high value means either either one or two words, you know, real words. Or if you could get like a three or four letter domain, those are considered high value as well. So I have some domains out there for sale. And rival dads is the one that most recently sold $600. From a $12 investment, it’s pretty good return. Now, sometimes you’ll go and you’ll search for domains, and they’ll say that, that it’s a premium domain, and they’ll say they want you know, 1000s of dollars for it, then it’s not worth it. Because you’re probably not going to get that money back. Not like you would a $12 a year investment not a big deal. You know, $10,000 initial investment could be a big deal for you. And unless you plan to use it for something that you know will make you more than $10,000. It’s not really worth it. So I say stay away from now that $10,000 or whatever it is, that’s an initial investment. After that, they charge you the normal yearly domain rate, which is somewhere between usually between 12 and $15, depending on the top level domain extension. So dot coms, I think around 18 year now, depending on where you buy them from. So those are the things I do now for a little bit extra income. Among other things, I occasionally do build websites. That was a primary business model a few years ago, not anymore. My primary business model is it. I call it proactive it we try to do everything before anything happens. Which is essentially a managed service provider. That’s the primary business model. I still occasionally build a website here and there if I have the time, because it is time consuming for me. And so what are some other things that you could do? Well, you know, if you listen to Gary Vaynerchuk, Gary Vee, you could buy and sell sports memorabilia, baseball cards is the big thing for him. But sports memorabilia. You know if you happen to catch, you know, the guy that caught Todd Brady Tom Brady’s what they thought was going to be his last touchdown ever because he said he was going to retire and then sold it. I don’t remember what it was. I think it was half a million dollars.

Unfortunately, Tom Brady then said he wasn’t he was going to come back. And I think that forfeited the sale or he had to give the money. I don’t remember what it was. But anyway, sports memorabilia could be worth something you don’t have out there GT rookie card here. I could flip it. I paid almost nothing for it. I could probably sell it for one or $200. Now I think I used to do that a lot more. I don’t anymore. I had 10s of 1000s of cards and I had some very high value cards. But they disappeared in a move many years ago. And I just never got back into it after that. But that’s another avenue. In sports memorabilia seems to be growing, not just the cards, but all types of sports memorabilia people collect when they knocked down Yankee Stadium the Oakland stadium would put up the new one people collected stuff from the from Yankee Stadium. Could that sell today probably. The Aaron judge bobblehead that I got a Jedi Knight Judge bobblehead from I think it was pre COVID. So I’ve seen them on there was a giveaway for the first so many 1000s of people in Yankee Stadium one night. And I see them on eBay, eBay now going anywhere between 60 and $100. You know, no investment, initial investment other than going to Yankee game, you’re probably gonna go to anyway. And you could turn it around and make $100 on it. sports memorabilia. I see people that will do auto detailing on the side, there’s a gentleman down the street from me that does auto detailing on the side. And he picks charges, I think 100 and something dollars per car, depending on what how bad it is, and what kind of car it is. And he does this on his spare time after hours after work or on the weekends. And you always see more cars up there all the time. So he’s making some money with that. Here’s the side hustle that I sometimes partaken. And it’s easier than you might think. So, stocks. The key here is don’t become a stock investor unless it’s really something you want to delve into deeply. Because it takes a lot of research a lot of time, a lot of energy. And you have to know how financial markets work. And I really don’t have the time or energy to or desire to want to do that. What I do know is that dividend stocks are great investment vehicles. So I’m going to use one that I that I have purchased some of in the past. And Microsoft, Microsoft is reasonably priced when you compare it to other stocks like Apple, Amazon, Google, things like that. Tesla, dividend stocks simply mean, they pay a dividend and usually quarterly for you to own that stock. So if you purchase, you know, 100 shares of Microsoft, you then get paid quarterly to just to hold that stock, and then the value of that stock goes up. You don’t have to pay. By the way, seek a tax professional, don’t take tax advice from me, but you don’t have to pay taxes until you sell those stocks. And that so that, you know, there’s the benefit in doing that. Now, let’s say you say you don’t want to buy Microsoft, I don’t know what Microsoft stock is today. But let’s say you don’t want to buy Microsoft, you don’t like Microsoft. So it’s actually up to almost 245. Almost today, I didn’t pay that much for Microsoft ticket paid one something when I bought it. You want Amazon. And so let’s say Amazon stock is see Amazon was actually trading at 140 did do a split strike Google, one of them is still really high, I don’t remember who it was. So you you you want to buy this expensive stock. So Google is 2148 92. Right now $2,140.92 a share. But you don’t have $2,000 to invest in Google stock in one stock. That is well, you can get an app called stash and purchase. So on it always went to Google stock. So then you don’t own a full share your own on it, I was worth and you still make. If it goes up 1%, you make 1% If it goes down 1%, you lose 1%. If they pay a dividend, you still get whatever percentage of one share you own in dividends. So if they pay $1 dividend you would get and you purchase 10% of a share, you would get 10 cents. Doesn’t sound like a lot. But as you purchase over time, you will make some money and don’t have to do anything is passive income dividends. Another way to take or to make some money is to take online surveys.

haven’t really tried doing this, I think I may have done one or two in the past you but you could get paid you can earn up to you can earn a few dollars per survey, I don’t know what the the actual dollar amount. So you’d have to do a lot of surveys in order to make some money. And the problem that I found with this is that sometimes those surveys include ads, and it gets to be annoying. And you know, trying to control the amount of ads. It’s really difficult to manage sometimes. So if you could find a good service site that will pay, that’s great. Do that. No other way to earn some income on the side. Some people do UberEATS DoorDash. And what is the other one called? I don’t remember what it’s called right now. But there’s a few of them. So Uber Eats DoorDash probably two of the more well known ones. And this is a great service. So there’s been a lot of talk about how unsafe Uber and Lyft can be because you don’t you don’t know who you’re letting in your car. And I get that. So if you do Uber Eats, you’re not letting anybody in your car. Your car’s gonna smell like food at the end of the day. But you could clean that out and make a few dollars delivering Uber Eats or DoorDash now where that becomes a problem only it could become a problem is, you know, you got to try to stay in your geographical area. So if you’re not in an area with a higher population with a lot of restaurants, you’re probably not going to do that well. But you also got to consider the wear and tear on your car gas is, you know, in some areas now is over $5 a gallon. So these are all the things you have to consider when you’re doing Uber Eats. So try to stay geographically close to where you are, if you can, or pick an area and just stay in that area for the night, or the day doing some deliveries and make some money. Some people do quite well with UberEATS and DoorDash. And other services, others do not. So it really depends on the timing of the day. And the location. If you’re not in a more popular more populated area, with a lot of restaurants, you’re probably not going to do too well. So you know, take that for what it’s worth, it’s not hard to sign up, you just have to show that you have a reliable car, I think insurance, obviously and a valid driver’s license. So those are some ways some other ways to make money. Another way you could be a co an umpire. So for my, my son plays baseball, and the umpires make anywhere between 50 and $75. A game a lot of games are doubleheader. So now that you’re making now you’re making anywhere between 100 and $150, just to a baseball game, or two, depending on the day. So you’re out there for four hours make $150 You know, that’s a little less than $40 an hour, that’s not bad at all, if you find the right League, do that, you know, do three, four games a week, you’re making a couple $100 That it’s cash, almost always cash in your pocket. So go up in game got to know the game, obviously. And I’m sure you know soccer and hockey and football are probably similar in nature, you get paid to up or ref a game. Basketball was another one. So you go do that and make a few extra bucks. And you get to enjoy the game day at a game to got to wear a lot of gear and it could get hot. But still, it’s fun, get to maybe do a little coaching on the side. Now here’s one I’m considering and sort of started the process. And I’ll tell you, you have to have a you have to have energy, I guess it really depends. So writing an ebook, on I have a few ebooks out there. But I only have one on Amazon in the one and Amazon was put there just to see how the self publishing process works because I am planning to write some legitimate books. So the one on Amazon is not really a book, it’s something I put together to try to generate an email list. Many years ago, I took it made it a PDF, put it on Amazon created an ebook, and actually sold one. And I don’t even know how that happened. But I sold one. I got it. I have it on Amazon for $1. So I get 35 cents every time it’s sold. So you know if I can get a couple million of my closest friends to go there and buy it. That’d be spectacular. Just look for me on Amazon, Scott Gombar. But I’ve been asked to author a book on on dads haven’t gotten around to that really, I’d write a lot of blogs, but not so much on on the book end for that. And I am also started writing a book on social engineering, I guess, just the short story. It’s not exactly that, but it’s sort of that. And it’s really a book about how to protect yourself against social engineering scams and all the different ones that are out there and so forth. And so that’s my goal is to put that on Amazon, I wanted to get it done by the end of the year, but I had just have not worked on it in a few months. But this is another way you can make money. You don’t have to write a big book, that’s this book I’m planning on being pretty large book.

You could write a smaller book and put it on Amazon and make a little bit of money. There are people that I know I know someone who wrote a LinkedIn book a look a book about LinkedIn. And she’s done okay with it. She put it on Amazon as an e book. And I think you can also set up Amazon to have physical books delivered. And she does okay with that. The problem with doing a book on LinkedIn, you’re gonna have to rewrite it every time there’s an update to LinkedIn. It’s a lot of work, but it is something that can be done I guess in a sense, the book I am reading could also be the same issue. So there may be a dad or two book a book or two about dads in the future. I don’t know yet. I’ve thought about writing some fictional books. Probably not really that creative when it comes to that so I don’t know that I could do that. But it’s crossed my mind. This is another way you know sell online workshop. If you are good at something I know people that do workshops on cooking, on SEO, which I could also do. The, by the way, the book on the eBook on Amazon is about SEO, it’s the five things your SEO forgot, and what it’s called, and how it’s costing your business, something like that. I don’t even remember the title see. But you could sell online workshops. If you’re good at a topic, create an online classroom for it, and sell it. So what a lot of people do is they do the initial one live recorded and then put it on Udemy. You can use teachable you can get, you can actually have a free account on teachable. But this is, you know, you could do this at home when the kids are asleep. Spend an hour or two at night recording or writing or whatever. You could do virtual assistant. Somebody’s looking to post stuff to their social media, all the social media platforms, now it’s possible to schedule the posts out, you’re charged to schedule the posts and make a few dollars. Now this is not same as social media manager, a social media manager comes up with content creates the content schedule, the content plans everything out ahead of time. You’re just taking the posts and scheduling them. That’s it. You’re not creating them. You’re not doing anything creative with it, you’re just scheduling that’s what a virtual assistant might do as a virtual system, I take phone calls, they’ll do anything like an office assistant would do really. The other thing I would add probably one more thing for for the dads out there, you could cut grass. So I will tell you in my area of the world Central Connecticut, it took me years to find a reliable landscaper to just cut my grass for the most part, they do mulch every now and again are seeding. But for the most part, they’re just cutting grass and into cleanups fall and spring cleanups. All of which don’t take a lot of knowledge of landscaping, the landscaping stuff, you know, that’s complicated, but cutting grass is not super complicated. And in the years we’ve been in this house, we’ve been here now for 10 years. For probably four or five years, I tried to find a landscaper to do it, to cut the grass clean up in the fall in the spring and put down mulch as needed and seed. And if they didn’t show up, they did a horrible job, I wouldn’t come out and do it a horrible, horrible job of doing it. Or I had another guy told me he he’s not going to do it because he couldn’t get a stand up mower through my gate. The gate wasn’t wide enough. It took me until last year to find someone to do this. And that turned out to be a friend of mine who started a landscaping company. So find a few neighbors who don’t want to take the time to cut their grass, cut the grass for them and make a few dollars. You know, if you find five or six neighbors that winter grass cut every one to two weeks, depending on where you are and how much rain you get. You can make a few $100 every week.

It’s manual labor, but doesn’t take a lot of a lot of brainpower. I used to enjoy cutting the grass and really, it’s about time really at this point. I just don’t have the time to do it. Because I have all these streams of income right. And I record these podcasts and hopefully these podcasts when he doesn’t know the way to make money, start a podcast, find some sponsors and make some money on the sponsorships. I don’t have any sponsors, counting on all the affiliate revenue that might come from the site and maybe one day I’ll get a sponsorship. But that’s another avenue podcast. I’ve got one last bonus for you. Again not a lot of brain power involved long as you have a GPS and a little bit of muscle I guess sign up for amazon flex you can deliver packages with Amazon flex for up to $18 an hour. If you go to a website actually says 18 to $25 an hour but it all depends on I suppose the area and a few of the variables but it isn’t you know somewhat easy way. Again considering wear and tear on your car and gas being what it is. It is a way to maybe make a few extra dollars to help with the bills around the house or plan an extra vacation or plan your your holiday and birthday giving your anniversary givings and things like that. So go out there I’ve listed I don’t know how many different possibilities for side hustles get out there make a few extra dollars because Lord knows we all need it right now. The economy is is inflation is through the roof and everything is just extra rent somewhere. It cost us an extra $460 a month now versus last year to live right now. That that’s insane. That it cost that much but you see it you see it in gas I buy a gallon of milk I can see it. I buy I buy water Poland spring gallons by the K In the price of that is the highest I’ve ever seen. Just to give you some examples, things that are in short demand, you know, baby formula was an issue. Now they’re saying Siracha sauce is a serratia, I think it’s Siracha is going to be short is going to be a supply chain issue with that now, because there’s not enough peppers. So all of these things prices go up. And we’ll make the same amount of money we did last year, the year before, probably still, because of the pandemic, most a lot of us did not get raises, I have not raise my rates in business. So that’s something you know, kind of on the back burner, I don’t want to really do that to my clients, but it may be necessary. So we have to find other ways to supplement our income. And so these are, I don’t know, I think I listed about a dozen or so side hustles I’ll count them up later. And we’ll we’ll include that in the list on the on the website. But these are some ways to make some extra money. So if that is where you’re at and you need to make a few extra dollars, then hopefully you find someone on this list to help you and if you have questions, happy to answer them for you. Go out there and be the dad you know, I know you could be this has been the dad tax podcast hosted at the dad We have blog posts and other cool dad stuff. Go check that out. Find us on social media, we are on Instagram. We have a Facebook group, go check out the Facebook group it’s Dad tax join the group if your dad dads only. We’re going to be starting tick tock and so lots of fun stuff going on. For the dad tax. Of course this podcast and eventually we’ll have guests. So it’s time for your dad joke of the week for people are heading to Hawaii on a plane, a pilot, a lawyer, a priest and a kid. Suddenly the plane starts shaking and begins to go down. Searching around the cabin they find only three parachutes. I have a family and a daughter who’s expecting since the pilot before anyone can stop him he grabs a parachute and jumps off the plane. The lawyer says well I’m the smartest man on earth, so I deserve to live. He also grabs a parachute and jumps off. Now there’s only one parachute left the priest notices this and tells the kid son go ahead and take the last one. I have lived my life. The boy looks around the plane. We can have we can both live. How the precess because the smartest man in the world just jumped out with my backpack. So until next week, enjoy

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