The Motivation Behind the Dad Tax [and What’s the Plan?]

dads rock at the dad tax

I imagine I am like most dads in the world.  At least I hope I am.  I hear some sad stories from time to time but I don’t personally know of any bad dads or deadbeat dads.  Well, just one but that’s another blog post for another time.

I do believe dads get a bad rap in general but I will get to that in a bit.  To be honest I have been thinking about doing this for a while.  I belong to numerous dad groups on Facebook.  They are all awesome.  I constantly share posts that put a dad’s role on display.

The post might be humorous, or it may be about something important to dads, and their children.

Here’s the deal.

Dads Are Important!

Statistics have proven that having a dad (figure) in a child’s life has a long-lasting, positive impact on that child.  They perform better in all aspects of their life, even into adulthood.

I don’t need statistics.  I have seen it first hand.  I have seen the negative impact of not having a father (figure) in a child’s life.

You might be asking why I keep adding (figure) after father.  It’s because I also know dads who are not biologically the father of the child but take care of the child as if it were their biological child.  This takes a big heart and a strong man.

About Me

What are you doing dad? I am a father to 3 children.  One of those children just had a child of her own so I am now a grandfather as well.  My children range in age from 4-23.  My grandchild is a newborn.

I have 2 girls aged 4 and 23.  My son is 8.

Beyond that I work…a lot.  I have been fortunate that most of my work can be done from my home office.  This affords me the opportunity to spend as much time as possible with my kids.

I run, sometimes.

I love technology and baseball.  I do like other sports and right now is my favorite time of the year for sports.  Football is starting and baseball is approaching playoff season.  Go Yankees.

I have been married to my wife for just over 9 years now.

I am also a baseball coach (my son has been on my team for 4 years now and I hope to continue this for as many years as possible).  He is also coached by others.  We’ll get to him on another blog post.  Let’s just say Brian Cashman may come up in that post.  Baseball is definitely a passion of mine and so far it is for him too.  I hope that continues.

I am not without fault, for sure, but I try my hardest at everything I do.

I think I am funny.  I think most people think I am funny.  My wife does not.

Nothing gives me more pleasure than spending time with my kids.  From taking a nap on the couch with them (though that is very rare these days) to coaching, daddy-daughter dates, hiking, amusement parks, pizza night (that’s tonight, I am trying to finish this post before it gets here), life lessons (disguised as baseball lessons), and more.

Why This Blog?

Well, some of it is self-serving. I hope to monetize it like so many others are doing.  What I do not see as much of is male/dad type blogs that have affiliate links and are monetized.  I know they are out there.  I have seen them.  But there is definitely a lot more blogs for women.

So yes, there will be review blogs with affiliate links.  All of them will be stuff I personally use and would recommend without an affiliate link.

If other’s blog I will let them add their affiliate links to their blog post.  That’s probably a little way off.

I also believe, as I mentioned earlier, that dads do still get a bad wrap.  How many times as a dad have you been asked if you are babysitting, or do you need help with the kids?

How many dads get strange looks when out with your kids?  How many dads get asked where mommy is?

How many dads don’t get to see their kids only because mom is using the kid as leverage? Yes, moms, I know it happens both ways, and I know that sometimes there are legitimate reasons.

There’s a lot to be said for and about dads and that’s the real motivation behind this blog.  Plus I like to talk about my kids and dad related stuff.

Why The Dad Tax?

me and my youngest daughter. She loves playing with my beardI am glad you finally asked.  You’ve never heard of the Dad Tax?

OK, I will use tonight as an example.  We ordered pizza.  Each kid is good for one, maybe two slices.  (Believe it or not, my 4-year-old daughter eats more than my 8-year-old son).  My girls can eat.  My son, not so much.

When that pizza gets here I get some of their pizza off the top.  That’s the dad tax.  This isn’t really the best example.

Here’s another example.  My kids love those chicken nuggets shaped like dinosaurs.  Not sure who makes them off the top of my head but as parents we have all seen them.  If my son gets 10 (yes, these he will inhale most days), I get 2 of them.  That’s the dad tax.

Pretty sure most dads do this.  I think even a lot of moms do this.

I was explaining the dad tax to my kids one day and it hit me.  I said to myself there’s no way the domain is still available.  Well, guess what…

I am a web designer and SEO person by trade anyway so I routinely purchase domains that I think are cool.  Sometimes I use them, sometimes I don’t.  It’s not that I don’t want to.  It’s having the time/motivation to do something with it.

I own (not sure if I would get sued), (which will be a project for my son and I), (I used to do IT, this was the name of my company) and a few other good names that I could probably flip.  Currently, none of these are being used but who knows…

I got lucky again with a domain name.

What’s Next?

I plan to blog often.  I plan to grow The Dad Tax as much as possible.  I plan to have guest bloggers, maybe even a podcast or something along those lines.

I also plan to support Movember through this site.  I have supported them in the past and I think it’s a very important cause.

I will include fantasy sports here.  Time to dust off those fantasy cleats.

I will review products/services I use..good and bad.

And of course dad stories.

I am still putting it all together.  There are about 283 ideas in my head right now.  I had to put something together so I can get rolling on it.

Now it’s time to go eat pizza, take a few pictures, watch a movie with the kids, and after they go to sleep..back to work.

the dad tax why I started the Dad Tax

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  1. Tamalyn Lee
    Tamalyn Lee says:

    I love this! More dads should start blogs like this! I absolutely agree with you about how very important fathers/father figures are in a child’s life. I’ve had friends without and you can tell how easily they get hurt by that. And how sometimes they look for that love/reassurance in the wrong man. I love how my husband is involved in every aspect of our kids’ lives. Weekends when we are not traveling as a family are his to hang with them! Long walks, gelatos, grocery shopping – his time with them! Take care!!

    • sgombar
      sgombar says:

      Thanks Tamalyn. I forgot about the walks. My daughter loves to walk. My son doesn’t know any speed below jog. I do however plan on running with him as he gets a little older.

    • sgombar
      sgombar says:

      To be honest it’s just practiced over time. In school, I hated writing. I have developed my writing skills over the last few years mostly from writing about SEO. And Grammarly helps

  2. sammi
    sammi says:

    That a great thought! We should have more Dad blogs. And that’s something even children would love to read because a dad’s seemingly unsorted but actually more sorted than mom’s mind is something that adds more insight and fun to parenting.

  3. Tara Pittman
    Tara Pittman says:

    I love the dad tax idea, I should do a mom tax to my kids. I too have young kids and older kids with a grandbaby on the way. My kids are 10,11,18,24, and 28.

  4. Melissa
    Melissa says:

    It is true that there aren’t many dad blogs out there! I think this is a great idea! This doesn’t happen in our home any more but it is only because we are dieting and the kids aren’t! 🙂

  5. Heather
    Heather says:

    There are definitely bad dads out there. I grew up without mine. He just up and left one day with no reason. But I can tell you that it made me a better person. And I’m grateful for it.

    • sgombar
      sgombar says:

      I have a similar story. I do plan on blogging about it but it’s not an easy subject for me. It was my motivation to be a good father. I have friends who had fathers that did A LOT of damage but it made them stronger parents. I also know people who just can’t seem to get their lives together and I think not having a father plays a big part in that. I am glad that you turned a negative into a positive.

  6. Dallas Prevost
    Dallas Prevost says:

    Great concept and post. I believe in the dad, mom, benefactor etc. tax. Teaches the recipient how to share.

  7. Suzanne
    Suzanne says:

    Very well informed post. I think father’s play just as much of a vital role as mother’s, of course not the same but having both are so imperative while growing up. xo, Suzanne

  8. Olga Zak
    Olga Zak says:

    I like your idea about Dad tax bcz, there aren’t many dad blogs out there! That a great thought!

    • sgombar
      sgombar says:

      Thanks, there are some really great dad blogs but you’re right, not nearly as many as mom blogs.

  9. Jennifer
    Jennifer says:

    This is great!! My husband and I are always saying that dad’s get a bad rap and don’t get as much credit as moms do. Best of luck on your blog, looking forward to more content. From a fellow newbie blogger

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