The Dad Tax Ep3 End the Bullying Trend - A Personal Story FB

End the Bullying Trend – A Personal Story

Bullying is a very real problem in all stages of life but it starts at a young age. Dads, we need to do better in helping our children how to handle tough situations involving bullying. We also need to set an example for our children when it comes to managing stressful encounters, and how to […]

The Dad Tax Ep 2 The Side Hustle FB

The Side Hustles Episode

Inflation is at its highest level ever. Gas prices are also higher than ever before. The cost of food and other items needed in your home has gotten expensive.  Our dollar doesn’t go as far as it used to today. What’s a dad to do? In Episode 2 we talk about side hustles. How can […]

The Dad Tax Ep 1 Mens Mental Health Month FB

Men’s Mental Health Month

I was not aware until a few days ago that June is Men’s Mental Health Month. Of course, I know about Movember (I partake in it every year) but I had no idea that June was Men’s Mental Health Month. It seemed like the right time to finally launch the Dad Tax Podcast. In the […]