Let’s Be Real – This Is Us – Yes or No Dads?

Let’s Keep it Real – This Is Us – Yes or No Dads?

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I used a highly scientific method of gauging the results documented in this blog post.

I posted to Instagram asking dads whether or not they watch This Is Us and why or why not.

The results overwhelmingly in favor of This Is Us as a good and positive show for dads.

There were a few who had never watched the show, and one who doesn’t watch TV at all.  I get that, I don’t really watch a lot of TV anymore either.


Why Do I Care If Other Dads Watch This Is Us?

For a long time, fathers have been painted in a not so great light.

Generations were taught that dads were seldom (if ever) around to spend time with their kids.  Even if they were around it was still mom’s duty to care and spend time with the children.  Moms are still thought of as the comforter and consoler when it comes to parenting.

Someone must have forgotten to tell Izzy (my daughter)

Dads are supposed to be thick skinned and rarely show emotion.  If dads did show emotion it was only to discipline the children through fear and intimidation.

There were a couple of generations that saw a decline in dads being available to their children even a little bit.  Fortunately, I believe we are seeing this less and less now.

Single mothers are more often praised than dads are.  I won’t knock single moms.  It’s a tough job.  I was raised by a single mother.  I know all too well that it is a tough job.

We need to do a better job lifting up good fathers.

What Does This Is Us Have to Do With Being a Better Dad.

This Is Us is a very real show.  It deals with real issues.  Issues that you or I might face in our lives.  Some of the very important topics include:

  • Addiction/Substance Abuse
  • Parenting
  • Foster Parenting/Adoption
  • Relationships
  • Health Issues
  • Racial Issues

We all deal with these issues indirectly or directly.  For this blog post, I am going to only talk about parenting and relationships.

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Relationships 101

lets be real the dad tax talks about this is us

This Is Us runs almost the full gamut of relationships.  There are the matriarch and patriarch, past and present.  There’re also their children past, present and future.

Through the show, we get to see the interactions of siblings and how difficult situations are handled amongst them.

We get to see how something that might seem inconsequential at the moment can have a long-lasting impact on the person’s wellbeing and future.

We also get to see how “real” relationships should work.

Anyone who keeps it real will tell you that no marriage or long-term relationship is perfect.  You go through ups and downs.

What makes a successful marriage or long-term relationship is compromise, understanding, and patience.

This Is Us is very good about showing real challenges couples face, how they handle them and the potential outcome.

Parenting 101

lets be real the dad tax talks about this is us and parenting

None of us are perfect parents either.  Jack (patriarch) was as close as it gets, but not without his faults.

He had an addiction problem.  He may have been a little too passive with his daughter’s eating problems.

But he loved his children (even the adopted child) with every ounce of his being.  He did everything he could to give them a great life.

He encouraged them.  He was patient with them even when they did not deserve patience.  He taught them life lessons.  He loved them in a way only a dad can.

Through the parenting of his children, they grow up to be great parents or aunts/uncles.  Again, they each have their own issues.

Randall overcompensates at times mostly because he was adopted.  He also has a nervous breakdown plus there’s mention of another one earlier in his life. Randall is an amazing father to his daughters, and a foster daughter.

Kevin has an addiction problem.  He does not have children but is a great uncle to his nieces.  And his nieces adore him.

Kate is extremely obese and struggles with health and self-esteem issues as a result.  Like Kevin, she does not have children but is a good aunt.

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Spoiler Alert

The show is not without tear jerkers.  Every week something tugs at your heart.  If you deny this then you have no heart.

This week was the start of season 3.  This is one of the few shows my wife and I enjoy together.

Again there was some dust in the air while This Is Us was on.  I don’t know why that happens every time This Is Us comes on.

The first episode of Season 3 focuses on the beginning of Jack and Rebecca’s relationship (it definitely did not start off well).

It also focuses on the relationship between Randall and his foster daughter (Deja).  He wants to adopt her and give her stability while she is dealing with the fact that her biological parents don’t want her.  Not an easy thing for a teenager to deal with.

And Kate & Toby are trying to get pregnant but struggle because of their own health issues, primarily Kate being overweight.

There are of course other smaller storylines but those are the biggest ones for episode 1.

At the end of the episode they again fast forward to an older Randall and one of his daughters discussing going to see “her”.  His daughter is not ready to see “her”.  Then Randall calls Toby who is in a bed alone.  Randall tells Toby it’s time to go see “her” and Toby begrudgingly agrees.

I suspect it will be a while before we find out who “her” is.

I do not plan to write every week about This Is Us.  The purpose of this was to highlight how dads can/should/do play a bigger role in their children’s lives today.

Dads Are Important!!

I spend a ton of time with my children.  When I am not with them I cannot wait to see them.  I am far from a perfect dad or a perfect husband, but I love them with all of my heart.

100% of my energy goes into making them outstanding children that get to experience the best childhood possible.  I also work on strengthening my marriage all the time.

This Is Us puts being a great dad on display with all of a dad’s imperfections and mistakes. Jack and Randall both show how you can overcome any obstacle to give your children all the love and guidance they need.

This Is Us helps fathers be better fathers.  At least it does for me.

What do you think of This Is Us?

Lets Be Real this is us yes or no dads


48 replies
  1. Amber Myers
    Amber Myers says:

    My husband thinks This Is Us is too cheesy for him. Most men do not act like that. In fact, if my husband said some of the things Jack says, I’d ask if he were drunk. But Jack is a sweet character and yes, dads are important! My husband just isn’t that kind of dad.

    • sgombar
      sgombar says:

      Well to be fair Jack did have a drinking problem..lol. It’s not for everyone but I think it helps Dad understand/realize it’s OK to be this way.

  2. Gladys Nava
    Gladys Nava says:

    What a great article to read! I am really agree with DADS ARE IMPORTANT, I salute all the great fathers.

  3. Stacie
    Stacie says:

    This Is Us is a great drama, but I’ve always thought it was a lot more. You just listed all the reasons that I’ve loved the show from the start.

    • sgombar
      sgombar says:

      It really is a lot more. It’s everyone’s life! It’s so good the other networks are trying to copy it now.

  4. Joan
    Joan says:

    Dad’s are great and so are mothers I watched only the first season I think and then stopped. I need to go back to it though.

  5. Monidipa Dutta
    Monidipa Dutta says:

    I haven’t heard about this show before. Glad to know that there is some show which is actually teaching something good about parenting and things like that. Great review of the show.

  6. N. Taylor
    N. Taylor says:

    NICE! I’m a huge fan of This is US! Very good post and it gives a different perspective. Everyone should definitely watch this show – even Dads!

  7. Casey
    Casey says:

    A lot of people do underestimate the role of a Dad, they are always as important as Mum. They provide a different mindset for children to learn and face all kinds of life challenges. Keep up the good work!

  8. Sarah Fatima
    Sarah Fatima says:

    Dads are more than important. I have no idea about this show but I am sure it must be great as it is on “DADS”. I am more close to my dad than mom. Cheers for all the great dads out there.

  9. Alexandra
    Alexandra says:

    You sound like a fantastic Dad 🙂 Thank you for sharing your views on this show also, I appreciated reading them!

  10. Emma
    Emma says:

    I have not watched this tv programme but it sounds like a good show and you have broken it down really well. Going to see if I can watch it over here now!

  11. Terri Steffes
    Terri Steffes says:

    I love This is Us for many of the reasons you stated. I also think Randall is an amazing husband, not without faults, but genuinely in love with his wife, respectful of her opinions and thinks she’s all that. I love watching them interact.

  12. Hannah Marie
    Hannah Marie says:

    Well. I think I gotta let my hubby watch this. Sometimes, he is being mean to me. Well, I know in some parts of his heart, he has this soft spot. LOL. I just feel he needs some drama too.

  13. kumamonjeng
    kumamonjeng says:

    Parenting is challenging task that you can’t call it quit. The most importantly is be there with the kids. I am glad to hear that you spend ton of time with your children as a dad, and thus show plenty of love. Just being there tell it all. Children will know and appreciate. I hope this post reach out to more dads out there.

  14. Preet
    Preet says:

    This is sus is something that I and my husband would really like. We love dramas especially when it’s too cheesy lol.

    • sgombar
      sgombar says:

      I didn’t hear that. That’s crazy. I will take them if they don’t want them, along with Nike gear and anything else people foolishly throw away.

  15. Heidi
    Heidi says:

    Lots of couples in my family follow this show (husbands and wives—not just the women). I haven’t had time to watch it, but I know my family loves it.

  16. Jalisa Harris
    Jalisa Harris says:

    Love this. I’m always intrigued to hear more about what others think on a personal standpoint.

  17. Regina
    Regina says:

    This Is Us is a great show highlighting the importance of dads. I’m still trying to recruit my husband to watch it. But several people I work with watch it (including men) find it a great show to watch. Can’t wait to see what questions are answered this season.

  18. Samary
    Samary says:

    Dads are super important and play an intricate role in the lives of their children. I would love for more dads to be more self-aware and take action on their emotions that play out in their lives.

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