A Collection of Things My Kids Have Said or Asked & My Responses

This is an incomplete list that I will add to as I get more

  • Just Google It.  (I really don’t have a come back for this one)
  • What Would You Do If You Came Across a Dinosaur?
    • Dad Response:  Wrestle him of course
  • Daddy, did you have Minecraft on your phone when you were a kid?
    • Dad Response:  No but I had a 25-foot cord.
  • Do I have a brain?
    • Dad Response:  Sometimes I wonder
  • He’s not dead, he’s breathing.
    • This one concerns me
  • We have baseball practice today? Youngest Daughter “Where, at Yankee Stadium?”
    • Dad Response: I wish
  • While eating dinner…”Daddy, I’m Full”.  Not even 60 seconds later.  “Can I have Ice Cream?”
    • Makes sense to me.
  • 4 Year Old Daughter: “I have good remembery”
    • No more Finding Dory for you
  • 4 Year Old Daughter:  “Remember a long time ago when I was 3”
    • Wow, it seems like just yesterday