its been a while the dad tax

It’s Been a While, but I Didn’t Leave (or Give Up)

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It’s Been a While, but I Didn’t Leave (or Give Up)

Izzy the dad tax

Life is Funny

I have not blogged on this site in a couple of months and it’s been gnawing at me.  I feel as though I am shirking my responsibilities.

Truth is I have just been very busy.  I started a new business, sort of.  It’s something I have always done for a select few but decided I am going to push forward with it.

I still run the SEO business, with carefully selected clients.



Home Life

And other life challenges have all gotten in the way of me sitting down to write a blog for The Dad Tax.

These are all excuses though.  I can write a thousand-word blog in a very short time.  I have been known to put a blog post together in under 30 minutes.

It takes me longer to do all the other stuff that goes along with a blog post (images, SEO, sharing).

Truth is I was just tired.

I am the primary parent after school so that means my afternoons are tied up with a 4 and an 8-year-old, and sometimes an infant (my grandson).

My 4-year-old daughter has been a challenge at bedtime lately.  After 8 pm is usually my time to write blog posts and plan the next days’ social media posts.  She’s been eating at a significant portion of that time.

I have also been setting up how the new business is going to work.  I will talk about that another time but if you’re so inclined checkout

Most days I am up no later than 6 am but sometimes as early as 4 am.

As you can see my schedule is complicated.

But I am not offering any excuses.  Just clarifying. 

What’s New?

My wife and I did visit Guatemala in October.  I will share that trip and pictures in another blog post.

Isaiah is taking winter baseball training at Ultimate Sports.  Gotta keep him warm.

As I write this, we are 5 days away from Christmas.  In our house, it’s a pretty big deal.  Then we hit the road to Virginia to visit my brother-n-law.

A disappointing Jets season is winding down and the hot stove is yet to get hot for the Yankees.

As far as the business side of The Dad Tax I did get my first payout from Google AdSense in October.  I don’t use AdSense on this site, but I have a couple of other sites that I use it on. is a completely automated blog featuring curated IT Security blogs. is my learning/teaching site that I have also not updated in a few months.

My AdSense earnings came from these two sites.

I have been very active in the dad groups on Facebook.  I hope that I have been able to help other dads.

Worth Mentioning

Isaiah has always been a quick learner.  He was reading before he started Kindergarten (now in 3rd grade).

Izzy has been more of a challenge but as she is approaching 5 she is starting to catch on.  What a relief that is because she starts Kindergarten in about 9 months.

She loves to draw and color too.  She is quite the artist already.  I am planning to get her a new artist set for Christmas (yes, I have not finished shopping yet, I am typically a Christmas Eve shopper kind of person).

Isaiah has been writing some short stories.  He shows a lot of promise and creativity with his stories.  He wants to write comics.

I am still a member of Sprezzabox and have yet to be disappointed.  The socks that I have received to date have held up quite nicely.

Another box should be arriving any day now.  I plan to review that one.  My last box included a watch that my son took, socks, and a few other items.  No box has had less than 6 items so far.

I will be reviewing the Roku Sticks and Kindle HD soon as well.  I have a Roku TV and a couple of older Roku boxes, but this will be the first time I use a Roku Stick.  Since we cut the cord and now use YouTube TV for live TV it was time to add this option to more TVs in the house.

And there will be lots more to come.  Now that Nwaj Tech is off the ground I have a little more time to write blog posts.

Now I am going to test some baseline alerting and contact rules.  If I don’t write again I truly hope everyone who reads this blog enjoys the holidays with their family and friends.

its ben a while the dad tax

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  1. Alexandra
    Alexandra says:

    Welcome back! It sounds like you are busy, but I am pleased to see you back on the blogosphere 🙂 Wishing you and your family all the best for the holidays.

  2. Monidipa Dutta
    Monidipa Dutta says:

    Yeah I missed your blog posts. However, I must say that u r an inspiration for many. I’ve also seen a lot of other bloggers and online entrepreneurs who are at the tricky “borderland” between pushing on in the face of all obstacles and just chucking it in.
    But you should not give up on your blog just because it is struggling right now, especially if you are in the early stages of development.

  3. Sarah Bailey
    Sarah Bailey says:

    Sometimes it is so hard to keep blogging and keep going when so much is going on. It sounds like you have a LOT going on in your life, can’t wait to see what you keep on blogging about.

  4. Paulette
    Paulette says:

    Life gets busy we try to juggle so many things I’ve neglected my blog aswell and yesterday I finally wrote a post. Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  5. Cassie
    Cassie says:

    Sometimes blogging just takes a lot out of you and you need a break. I’m glad to see you’re back at it though

  6. Ivan Jose
    Ivan Jose says:

    Parenting is really demanding. This is what I have learned in my first year as a new father. I usually lack sleep because I do all blog-related things, social media promotions and all, after our baby has slept.

  7. Natalie
    Natalie says:

    Sometimes it’s good to step back, especially when life gets crazy. Glad you found the time to write again – I always find it to be therapeutic.

  8. Anna Nwa
    Anna Nwa says:

    Oh, I totally get it! I have a one year old and sometimes I am way too exhausted to think about doing anything after he goes to bed for the night. Sometimes you just need a break and to take time for yourself!

  9. Kay
    Kay says:

    Love that you’re so involved with the kids. My days are similar to yours. I have 4 year old twins and a sassy 7 year old. I’m always up at 530 or 6 because I can’t sleep and by 7 my day is in quick motion.

  10. Terri Beavers
    Terri Beavers says:

    Wow you are one busy guy. I thought I got up early but I see I’m not the only one and I never get up at 4. I’ve enjoyed following your blog and look forward to continuing.

  11. mike ShugrHed
    mike ShugrHed says:

    I can totally relate to this. I haven’t posted blogs for a lot of 2018, but have just recently started again. I can’t say I like the idea of getting up at 4am though! I will make a note to come back for the Guatemala post 🙂

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