Gatorade Recover Protein Shake (For Runners)

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OK, let’s call it like it is.  I am a runner.  Sometimes.

I love the feeling I have after an exhausting run.  If you run you know that feeling.  The feeling of accomplishment.  The feeling of the endorphins being released into your body. Being covered in sweat never felt so good.

There’s only one problem that does not creep up until the next day usually.  Muscle soreness.  And that’s where Gatorade Recover Protein Drink comes in.

I always feel so much lighter and better after a run but…

gatorade recover chocolate

Am I capitalizing on the gains from that run or am I going to go destroy the accomplishment with a crappy meal?

Will I run again tomorrow or the next day?  Will the soreness derail me for a few days?

How do I know I operated at peak performance?  I do use a heart rate monitor and step counter but the heart rate is a wrist monitor and not working 100% accurately.

The problem is I am not the greatest eater in the world.  I do love snacks.  Now I know where my kids get it from.

For the most part, I eat clean and healthy.  I drink at least a gallon of water a day.  I am the guy at BJs or Restaurant Depot stocking up on the cases of Poland Springs one gallon jugs and I drink at least one of those a day.  I love leafy greens, especially spinach and broccoli.

My weaknesses are things like cannolis and pasta.  We have Friday night pizza as a family (I do limit myself these days).

I tell you these things because I believe I am like a lot of fathers out there.  I am pulled in a million directions when I am with the kids.  I work.  I play.  I coach.  And I try to run and/or work out (mostly cardio) when I can.  I try to be healthy but it’s not always possible.

The purpose of this blog is to create a community of dads who understand what the dad tax is, and if I can make a few bucks along the way that’s great.

After 3 miles or more on the treadmill, I am almost ready for some replenishment.  I know that eating solids, even protein, is not the best course of action after a run.

But it takes forever (it seems that way when you also want to get in the shower) to make a protein shake.  That’s why I started drinking Gatorade Recover Protein Shakes.

I prefer chocolate but have tried all of the flavors and they all taste great.  I can drink one in a few seconds and this replenishes me.  It also provides the protein you should get after a good cardio workout.  Here’s the nutrition info.

  • Waste nothing; Get the protein you need to help rebuild your muscles so you can recover and come back strong
  • 20 grams of protein per serving
  • Drink what the pros drink
  • 11.6 Ounce Bottles, 12 Pack
  • After workout shake available in chocolate, vanilla, cookies and cream, chocolate peanut butter, and strawberry.
  • Each shake is 280 calories.

It comes from a brand that we have all grown to trust over the years and it tastes great.

By the way, that hot shower after a run is AMAZING!


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