About The Dad Tax

Hi!  This is gonna sound like a corny networking event opening but I am Scott Gombar.

I have been wanting to create a personal blog for a while.  I have a few passions in life.  I am a die-hard NY Yankees fan, Jets fan, and a Knicks fan.  As you can see with the last two I die hard often.  Go Yankees.

I love coaching baseball and you will hear/see me talk about it quite a bit.  It’s a passion after all.

I have been labeled a nerd geek by some not-so-nice friends of mine.  I do have a passion for technology.

I try to be healthy.  It’s a struggle.  I am a runner.  Sometimes.

I could have created a blog about those things and some other things as well.  Truth is my biggest passion is being a dad.  I love and adore my kids and cherish every moment with them (almost every moment).

When I am out and about with my kids we might stop somewhere to get something to eat.  Because I try to eat healthier than they do I often take a couple of chicken nuggets or fries.  I tell them this is the Dad Tax.

See where I am going with this?

It never really clicked in my head until August of 2018 that this could and should be a blog!  And it was born on August 11th, 2018.

So who am I?

I believe I am a fairly average dad.  I have 3 children and a very shiny new grandchild.  My kids range in age from 26 to 8.  The bookend children are girls and my 11-year-old is my son.

Outside of being a dad, I do work. I own an MSP (Proactive IT) business, Nwaj Tech. I am an SEO Consultant.  My other site is scottgombar.com.  I typically help business owners improve their SEO and/or AdWords.  I also own Main Street Networking, a mastermind networking group.  I have been known to pick up a paintbrush.  I prefer push mowers and shovels to ride-on mowers and snow blowers, though I am reconsidering the second one.

I used to coach baseball but my son has gotten to be too good for me to coach anymore.

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It was a fun and successfuly season. We went 6-4 and finished in second place. This team has a lot of heart and no quit. They played like a team should. Last night was our final game and we won 13-0. Isaiah (the one in the sunglasses of course) went 3-3 with a single, double and triple. I personally had a lot of fun coaching again this year. To be able to see these kids at least twice a week for games and practice, help them develop their game and see them smile when they make that outstanding play or get that first hit, or EARN the game ball means a lot to me. #baseball #baseballlife #baseballislife #baseballplayer #baseballdad #baseballcoach #baseballgame #baseballseason #baseballplays #baseballbat #baseballplay #baseballfan #baseballlove #baseballfield #baseballs #baseballtraining #baseballplayers #baseballisback #baseballforlife #baseballfans #BaseballFamily #coach #dad #squad #squadgoals

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I enjoy good food as much as the next person.

I am passionate about Men’s health issues.  I do have my own Movember campaign.

I love to help people in any way I can.

I believe I am funny.  My wife does not.

I am also passionate about the rights of dads.  I believe so many dads are under-represented in family courts and often done wrong by the mother of their children.  A dad is extremely important in the life of a child.

All of this summarizes what I plan to do with The Dad Tax.  I have created a Facebook Group rather than a mailing list and plan to grow that along with the blog.  It’s for dads only.  I already had a mom try to sneak in.

So check out the blog, feel free to comment, and if you’re a dad join the FB Group.